Trusted Transactions: Methods for Remote System Attestation

This paper was originally written for CS-555 which was Advanced Operating Systems: Distributed Systems, taught by Professor B.C. Neuman.
The paper was the final report for the class discussing my selected topic which was methods for ensuring trust between remote systems.
The paper can be downloaded here.

Computer Science Tutoring

I will now be offering in-person tutoring to residents of the Los Angeles South Bay area, in addition to online e-mail tutoring to anyone. My wish is to provide students of all ages with a professional and practical learning experience. Tutoring sessions will be available by appointment only in order to ensure the best possible learning experience, tailored for your particular needs. Tutoring sessions can cover any area of Computer Science, depending on what your particular learning goals are.
Examples of available sessions:

  • AP Computer Science
    • Homework Help
    • Exam Prep
    • Concept Review
  • College Computer Science
    • Homework Help
    • Basic Programming
    • Object Oriented Programming
    • Data Structures
    • Algorithm Design & Analysis
    • Software Engineering
    • Secure Software Development
  • General Computer Usage
    • Basic Office/Document Processing
    • The Internet – Browsing, E-mail, Chatting, Shopping, etc…
    • Networking

For rates and availability information please send an email to I look forward to working with you! If you are interested in my tutoring service and know some other people that would want the same help, you may schedule a small-group session at a discounted rate.

Botnets and Their Application to National Security and Defense

This paper was originally written for EE-490 which was SIGINT-1, taught by Professor/Captain Vicente Garcia.

The paper discusses the background of botnets, how they operate, some methods used for detecting and defeating botnets and how a botnet could be used for national security and defense purposes.

The paper can be downloaded here.