Thank you for your interest in my professional resume.

As you can see I have been in the software engineering field for all of my adult life. My primary interests are in networking and computer security. I also enjoy bicycling, racquetball and hiking in my free time.

If you have arrived at this page because of my tutoring work you must understand that I offer this service from a professional perspective. My qualifications for tutoring stem from my years of experience in academia and industry. In addition to professional experience I do volunteer regularly with youth organizations where I teach classes ranging from computer hardware/science to model rocketry, etc…

Harley S Green
Security Clearance
Available upon request
University of Southern California Los Angeles, CA
Computer Science (Networks & Security) M.S. May, 2011
University of Southern California Los Angeles, CA
Computer Engineering & Computer Science (CECS) B.S. December, 2007
The Aerospace Corporation El Segundo, CA & Chantilly, VA 2010 – Current
MTS – Network Systems Department
  • Enhanced CUDA based sub-band tuner X-Midas option tree
  • Direct government customer technical support for cloud computing and HPC acquisitions
  • Architect cloud based 2D-3D image processing system
  • Lead development and maintenance of Space/Cyber Network Testbeds
  • Perform vulnerability analysis and experiments on Space Systems
  • Analyze and develop network scanning and exploitation technologies
  • Develop Web 2.0 risk reduction applications
  • Augment contractor flight software systems for use in JAWS payload testbed
  • Design secure network architecture frameworks
  • Represent division at corporate IA & cyber communities of interest
  • Develop custom Opnet models
  • Enhance computer vision software performance through distributed and parallel processing
  • Attend relevant security conferences (e.g., MIT/LL CNW and Defcon)
  • Mentor junior engineers and summer hires
The Aerospace Corporation El Segundo, CA 2008 – 2010
MTS-Associate – Network Systems Department
  • Develop Multicast Channel Emulator kernel module (Shared Patent Pending)
  • Design web-based XML schema editor and standard for Software Defined Radios (SDR)
  • Enhanced BGP to operate over reliable multicast for hub & spoke networks
  • Configure and test routing protocols on Cisco, Juniper, and software routers
  • Define and evaluate government network security requirements and architectures
  • Evaluate wireless network protocol link establishment and security procedures
  • Perform extensive communication system of system availability simulation studies
  • Install and maintain space networking testbed with PC nodes/routers/analyzers/HAIPEs
  • Support requirement verification & validation for SMC programs (TSAT, EPS, STSS)
  • Develop proof-of-concept prototypes for SMC & NRO programs in areas of network security, routing, and wireless communications and brief results to high level government customers
The Aerospace Corporation El Segundo, CA 2005 – 2007
Intern – Software Assurance Department
  • Develop performance tests for network simulation tool
  • Create graphical display system for hierarchical data sets
  • Design cross-domain classified document system
  • Validate & Verify simulators, network protocols, encryption tools, and code counters
USC Center for Systems and Software Engineering Los Angeles, CA 2006 – 2007
Code Counter Software Systems Developer
  • Develop unified code counter from multiple language code counters
  • Integrate physical lines code counter into logical lines code counter
  • Redesign counting algorithm to increase performance
  • Upgrade template system for CSSE website
USC Annenberg School for Communication Los Angeles, CA 2004 – 2006
Web-Based Database Research Software Developer
  • Manage all technical aspects of corporate reputation research program
  • Develop PHP website and data-mining system on news reports
Pacific Computer Technologies Walla Walla, WA 2001 – 2004
Web Applications System Developer
  • Develop online ticketing software with PHP and MySQL
  • Develop online custom-prioritized class scheduling system for Walla Walla University
SDRPHY – XML Description for SDR Physical Layer – E. Grayver, H. Green, J. Roberson; MILCOM 2010
Hub and Spoke BGP: Leveraging Multicast to Improve Wireless Inter-Domain Routing – J. Train, H. Green, B. Etefia; IEEE Aerospace Conference 2010
Calculating Network Availability – H. Green, J. Hant, D. Lanzinger; IEEE Aerospace Conference 2008
Programming: C/C++, CUDA (Week training from Acceleware), Java, JSP, PHP, Perl, Python, BSD Kernel Modules, XML/XSLT, Opnet Models
Signals: X-Midas (C++ Primitives, Macros, Option Trees), Week training at MRSL
Databases: MySQL, SQLite, Microsoft Access, PhpMyAdmin
Operating Systems: Windows, FreeBSD, Linux, VxWorks, VMWare, JUNOS, Cisco IOS
Networking: MAC/TCP/IP/Multicast/Sockets, InfiniBand, Routing, Simulators (Beonet, Opnet), Wireshark, Nmap, VPNs (SLE/IPSEC/SSL/IKE/ISAKMP), Routing (BGP/Static/OSPF)
Security/IA: Security+ Certified, Metasploit, OS / Network Hardening, Code Review
Aerospace Division Achievement Awards – Communication Testbed (2010)
Aerospace Inventor’s Award – Socket-based Multicast Channel Emulator (P.P. #12/802,954) (2010)
Aerospace Corporate Spot Awards – Structure From Motion Bi-Coastal Team (2012), Flight Cyber Defense Testbed (2011), Rapid Response Briefing (2010), WiMAX Rapid Prototype Lab (2009), Division Network Security Enhancements (2009), EPS Network Architecture (2009), TSAT Space Networking Testbed (2008)
Aerospace Performance Recognition Award – Excellence in Support of Customers’ Mission Success (2009)
Community Involvement
Virginia Citizens Defense League: Self-Defense Rights Volunteer (2011-Present)
Pathfinder Youth Group: Mentor and Instructor (2008 – 2011)
South Bay Open Carry – Civil Rights Advocacy Group: Founder (2010 – 2011)

, Week Training at MRSL

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